Advantages Of Teeth Cleaning & Whitening

Teeth Cleaning  Whitening

Dental whitening in Sarasota can lighten and brighten your teeth, making them look whiter, more radiant and less discolored. Teeth whitening has become a popular cosmetic dental treatment among Sarasota patients. It is a fast and effective way to whiten teeth, improve the appearance of your smile and boost your self-confidence.

A white smile can give you an edge when it comes to meeting new people and forming relationships, and it makes your appearance more attractive and appealing. If you are embarrassed by stains or discoloration on your teeth, a professional tooth whitening procedure can help you achieve your dream smile.

Whether you want to eliminate surface stains or get a more dramatic whiter color, there are a number of Sarasota whitening options available at our office and in your home. A consultation with our dentist will allow us to evaluate your oral health and determine which whitening treatment is right for you.

Teeth Cleaning & Whitening in Our Office

Our professional cleanings are performed by our trained and experienced dental hygienists to remove plaque, calculus and surface stains from your teeth. This prevents the development of gingivitis and helps keep your smile healthy and clean.

Regular dental visits, good oral hygiene and avoidance of foods and drinks that stain your teeth will keep your smile looking its best for years to come. However, if your teeth are discolored or stained by aging, smoking or medications, our teeth whitening treatments can be the solution to restore your natural bright white smile.

Are my teeth whitening treatments covered by insurance?

Most dental insurance plans cover preventive care such as a professional teeth cleaning. They may not pay for whitening, but you can always submit an estimate to your insurance provider and ask for a discount.

CostHelper readers with dental insurance report paying a median of $95-$200 for a standard dental cleaning, which is typically performed once or twice a year as necessary preventive care.

Are my teeth whitening treatments painful or uncomfortable?

Many over-the-counter whitening strips and gels can be unpleasant, especially if you have sensitive teeth or gums. This is because the whitening agents are often in contact with your gums and cause irritation, or even inflammation. This is why it is so important to use a professional-grade whitening system or a take-home whitening kit, which are safe and more effective at removing stains from your teeth.

How long will my whitening treatments last?

A professional whitening session can remove up to 10 shades of stains. The effects of whitening fade with time, so it is important to maintain good oral hygiene habits, as well as regular visits to our office, and avoid staining foods and beverages.

Depending on the level of discoloration, a whitening treatment can be completed in as little as one visit or may require more than a few sessions. It is up to you and your dentist how quickly and effectively you want to see the results of your treatment.

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